Friday, 22 April 2011

out with the old.

My room is a complete mess! After a crappy thing happened it's now half filled with boy stuff too and considering my room isn't that massive it's starting to feel a bit claustrophobic. I am in the process of moving out and have spent the past few hours clearing up three and a half years worth of what I should probably start considering crap. This ranges from cards from different people, clothes I never wear but 'might wear again one day' and fancy dress stuff from nights out in first and second year.

 It's sad throwing most of this stuff away because I can still remember when I wore some of it, the ridiculous night out a flashing thing came from and cards from old friends that I barely ever speak to any more. I'm not any good at chucking stuff away because I don't want to forget it, but because of this amongst my crap are bags of stuff I collected when on holiday in California, New York and Dublin. I wish I'd done something with them at the time because then maybe now I'd remember why the hell I have kept a receipt or serviette.

Cards are things I can't really throw away, I think I get this from my mum because whenever I'm feeling sad or anything she sends me a card and so cards are special, even if not in the same way any more they once were. I really hate moving because I never do get rid of enough though, maybe this time I'll have to be realistic but I know I'll only end up replacing one set of lost memories with another. For example under my bed amongst a lot of rubbish there's a bag of stuff I've collected from school this year. I have been told that in your teaching career you learn that the pictures children make for you don't have to be kept....maybe I'll learn that one day.

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